Military conversion

I greatly support our troops who fight for maintaining America’s freedom from those –mainly terrorists– who seek to destroy it. In fact, I would one day be honored to fight for America, the country God has blessed me with. I should probably just cut to the chase already. Last year during a high school all-nighter at my church I was talking to my churches youth pastor whom I will call Luke. I’m not entirely sure how the subject came about, but I mentioned a quote I read on facebook that said “God’s the judge of the terrorists actions; the Marines just make the appointment”. He told me he didn’t believe that because God commands us to love our enemies. As much as I agreed with loving my enemies, it is a fool’s choice to lay down their weapon when the enemy has no intention of showing mercy or surrender.

At first I wanted to rant to him how in John 15:13 it is written “[n]o one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends”, and that it is because of the sacrifice of the many brave men and women who have fought that we are able to live the lives that we have today. But I knew ranting at him wouldn’t change his mind. So instead I listened to why he believed soldiers fighting were wrong and war was evil. It was pretty hard, seeing as I grew up in a Christian school and home, listening to him without interrupting because I found so many ways to contradict his reasons with Scripture.  However, the more I listened, the easier it became to not want to burst out in anger. He’s a great guy who has a heart for the Lord and I’m glad he’s at my church. I’m really glad God gave me the patience to just sit down and just talk with him without me getting ecstatic. I know I can’t change his views, but I really do hope I can show him the love, courage, and sacrifice our troops go through to protect our nation just as Jesus did to protect us.


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