Alien Description of Chapel

Unlike some Christian colleges, such as Corban University, it is mandatory for George Fox students to attend chapel. “Chapel” is a sacred ritual for the followers of the religion known as “Christianity”. The Earth students of George Fox University enter a holy building known as Bauman Auditorium. As they walk through the open gates to enter the sacred ground, they all gather around a tiny mechanism with a flat surface that contains the individuals identification. Thus addressing their authorities they have entered the holy ground. Once the students have made their presence known, they pursue a seating that suites their desire. The more attentive and holy of the individuals proceed to the seating nearest to the anterior part of the sanctuary, where as those who are not as holy and find no seriousness to their own ritual seat themselves at the interior end of the sanctuary and ignore their surroundings by staring at glowing devices in their hands. Who knows what those mysterious devices are capable of containing to keep them from participating in their ritual.

The ritual begins with saints praising their God vocally and with musical instruments at the anterior part of the sanctuary, raised above everyone else. The beings below them proceed to praise with them, but their voices are not amplified as greatly as the saints who posses the ability to sing louder due to a small echoing device. After the saints have satisfied their God with their praised to Him, a prophet is called upon for their God to through to them. The words of the prophet seems to astonish them greatly because they cannot stand on their legs when they listen. They all proceed to sit on cushioning underneath them because the leaders of this “chapel” seem to understand it is not possible to listen to God’s message and be able to stand. After God has spoken through the prophet, the prophet seems to fall asleep and mumble something and causes everyone else in the auditorium to do the same as he or she does. When the prophet awakes, their God leaves his or her body and the saints with instruments begin to lead everyone with praise again, to thank their God for His words of wisdom. Once the ceremony is completed, the individuals rise from their seating’s and proceed once again to the small mechanism and address, again, their identification to the mechanism, allowing their leaders to know that they have lived through the ceremony. The leaders then acknowledge the students survival in the holy grounds and reward them by giving credit to their education.

The Christian ritual of chapel exercised at George Fox University seems to have great importance to their leaders that they require the students attend so many times. Obviously, not all the students are who participate in the ritual desire to hear the message from their God, and yet find a way to avoid His message with small glowing devices. But it is for certain that those who listen to their God attain His wisdom. “Chapel” is a strange ritual, yet it is worth experimenting to attain more information on it.  



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2 responses to “Alien Description of Chapel

  1. Great description of chapel. While reading I definitely connected with what you were saying. I thought the part about the less spiritually zealous sitting in the back and staring at small glowing devices was great, as it is all I see everybody in the back do!

  2. This was really entertaining to read! The way you chose to write it was definitely the more challenging and demands a lot of creativity! I especially thought it was funny that you talked about how people sit in chapel. There were a few grammar errors and maybe a few misused words. But this style of writing is flamboyant so I know what you were trying to achieve with it.

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