By using Google, are we depriving our minds from thinking for themselves? I would almost say “yes”.  I say “almost” because when I was in middle school when I started using Google. It made research for my literature papers fairly easy.  So, I will admit that Google has helped me before to find information I needed for school work, however, the more I used Google the more I turned to my computer for information that could have been inaccurate.

I didn’t notice until high school the differences between .com, .gov, and .org, until my writing teacher pointed it out for one of our assignments. I was writing a report on the Battle of the Bulge and, when I wasn’t paying attention to the ending of the website, I came gathered information that I later realized was false. The false information was where the battle had earned it’s name. The information I gained from an inaccurate webpage said the name was derived from the route the Germans took to the English Channel. When the correct derivation (which I learned from my World War Two fanatic father) was from the act of the 101st Airborne. The 101st Airborne changed its route and aided their fellow Americans at the English Channel. I don’t remember the website I got the information from, but it obviously was false. But this only goes to prove that anyone can post whatever they want on the internet, and it as sure as heck can be false.

Granted it’s not Google’s fault for giving me an inaccurate webpage, but because Google brings up anything that has the typed keywords, it’s easy just to take what’s right in front of you rather than thoroughly examining the webpages’ accuracy. In a sense, Google can make us gullible.




October 8, 2013 · 3:09 am

2 responses to “Google?

  1. I do agree with you in that it is critical to make sure the information you find on Google is both accurate and reliable. Nowadays, we can access tons of information through Internet, both true and false! It’s very easy to believe what you read, especially if the information you’re reading is information you WANT to hear. It never hurts to check the credibility of a publication or website.

  2. I agree with your point. I hadn’t thought about how Google has been effecting our gullibility. That being said it is also true that Google allows people to do research more easily and more efficiently. The mistakes that you made were not Google’s or the Internets but yours. You stopped the research and stopped looking. But that is just me playing the devil’s advocate. I do agree with you.

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