1. http://jobmob.co.il/blog/funniest-resume-mistakes/

From the section “From Careerbuilder.ca’s 10 Wackiest Resume Blunders” number 1. “Candidate included letter from his mother.” I find this funny because the number one rule in my high school writing class for writing resumes was to not have my mother as a reference. Whenever I heard my teacher said that I think, “who would be dumb enough to do that?” and “do they really think that sounds professional?” I worked a sandwich shop over the summer and I didn’t they’d even hire a kid to make sandwiches with my mother as a reference.

  1. http://www.resumark.com/blog/andrew/top-15-of-the-most-hilarious-spelling-mistakes-on-resumes-and-cover-letters/

Number 2 “Hope to hear from you, shorty.” I can’t decide if it which would be funnier: if the hiring manager was really short, or really tall! Either way, this goes to prove that the smallest spelling error cold cost someone a job! (Unless the manager has a really good sense of humor.)

  1. https://medicalcareersite.com/2011/12/funny-medical-resume-and-cover-letters-mistakes.html

Fourth line -”It’s best for employers that I not work with people.” This specific phrase was apparently written by a doctor. Everyone knows that doctors work with people, except him apparently. Applying for a position as a doctor and not wanting to work with people is like working at a zoo and not wanting anything to do with animals!

  1. http://www.resumeadvantagepro.com/2011/12/09/funny-cover-letters/

Funny Cover Letter #1: Elementary School and Internet Accomplishments”

He writes how good he was in 3rd grade rather than experience with kids or teaching education. Nice to know that you were an amazing 3rd grader, can you tell me something impressive? Like how you just knew you weren’t going to get the job?

  1. http://publicrelationsmatters.com/2010/03/28/common-errors-in-resumes-and-cover-letters/

I find the “different fonts” for no reason the funniest just because I would like to know what someone was thinking when doing that. My sister likes the cursive font, but let’s face it: cursive is a lost art of writing. Anyone who tries different fonts will only be showing off how board they were when they wrote the essay.



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2 responses to “EPIC FAIL!

  1. The second link you posted is also one of the links I posted on my blog. My favorite mistake from that website is “I speak English and SPINACH.” I didn’t even notice that someone wrote, “Hope to hear from you, shorty!” I thought the fourth link you posted was pretty funny. Because this person was in elementary school once upon a time, just like the rest of us, he’s obviously fit for the job!

  2. “Hope to hear from you, Shorty”. I love how unprofessional this comment is. Some people are not very intelligent. They think they can just approach anyone as if they were one of their best friends. I also like how the guy talks about how good he was in 3rd grade. Third grade means nothing, weren’t we all pretty good in third grade? You did a good job including the post and your personal feelings in each response!

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