How’s the Evidence?

Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Dun state that todays young men are obsessed with porn and video games. As a sister of two brothers -one is a OIT student and the other a high school student- I can testify that video games are addictive to young men’s minds. Even though neither of my brothers watch porn, it’s a common fact that young men get sucked into it and become addicted. They make strong statements like “… they are becoming totally out of sync in traditional school classes, which are analog, static and interactively passive” without providing much evidence to support their statement. Although I do agree with their statements of the addictions of porn and videogames, but because of their small evidence with fairly strong accusations, I would find their argument not very sound.

Tracy Clark-Flory and Brian Fung bring up acceptable arguments against Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Dun’s case. Tracy argues that the average male’s loss of education does not support Zimbardo’s and Dun’s accusation that the loss of their education affects their relationship status. Brian brings up a rather considerable point in his conclusion, claiming that forty percent of gamers are females, and finishes by saying “If videogames are such a scourge upon the brain, shouldn’t we look at both genders?” Tracy Clark-Flory and Brian Fung both fight against Zimbardo’s and Dun’s short excerpt with compelling arguments, making Zimbardo’s and Dun’s arguments sound unimpressive and unprofessional.



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4 responses to “How’s the Evidence?

  1. I think you made a good assessment of all three articles, and I largely agree with you. “The Demise of Guys” does lack compelling evidence for the bold claims it makes. You demonstrated an understanding of all three articles clearly and sharing a bit of your personal life made your blog a more enjoyable read.

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  3. In my opinion, Zimbardo and Duncan’s arguments seemed very unimpressive and unprofessional as well.
    I think it is important to keep in mind that male students have a difficult time paying attention in class and staying focused for many important reasons. Not all young men who have trouble focusing in class and in their studies suffer from the consequences of porn and video games. There are always others factors that are clearly not being stated in Zimbardo and Duncan’s argument. For example, a young man might be having trouble focusing because he has ADD, or some other type of disorder. Maybe he is having problems at home, problems with friends, with a girlfriend, etc. This loss of focus by all young me is not due to video games and porn alone. There are many other factors that affect human attention and focus.
    Great post by the way!

  4. I think the posts you made were pretty close to what I had talked about, so naturally I agree with every point that you made. I think that when you put the evidence in of your own life experience with your brothers was really important to your piece as well, its crazy to watch how quickly boys become attached to video games because that is how my brother is. I also agree with how the articles were a tad bit unprofessional, and I think that added to the fact that these articles were so hard to agree fully with.

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