Guilty as Plagiarized

Sari Horwitz, a well known and gifted journalist for the Washington Post, copied and pasted notes from the Arizona Republic into her own articles regarding the Arizona shooting rampage in 2011. Sari did apologize for her actions, but claims she did so because of a deadline approaching. From the little knowledge I gained from high school about writers, I know that writers constantly have to deal with deadlines (but, broadly, everyone deals with deadlines), so why go to “extreme” measures to take someone else’s notes as her own? The article described her copying some notes from the Republic and mixing them in with her own. She was suspended for three months for her actions.

She was definitely guilty of plagiarism and, base on her record, a suspension, rather than being fired, sounds like an appropriate punishment for her actions. According to the article I read, written by David Callahan, Sari had never committed plagiarism before in her professional work. Rather, she won the Pulitzer Prize twice during her professional career. But this still doesn’t make sense why such a great writer would take someone else’s work as her own. Because I am an athlete, I think of this in terms of a good athlete; they might be great, but with so much pressure, they might want to be better so they take steroids. I’m not saying I ever took steroids, but this a situation where I can see the importance of the action.

Although I don’t like what she did (or anyone else for that matter), hopefully, she won’t try it again. But you never know.




November 5, 2013 · 1:16 am

2 responses to “Guilty as Plagiarized

  1. I do understand how Sari Horwitz must have felt when she panicked because of an approaching deadline, however, that doesn’t mean what she did was acceptable in any way. We’ve all experienced the frenzy of having to complete a huge project or a lengthy research paper on time, so we’re all aware of how stressful deadlines can be. Although I can relate to the overwhelming feelings that Sari Horwitz was dealing with at the time, I do not agree with what she did. Consequences will follow negative actions; that’s just the way it is.

  2. It’s very true that everyone has deadlines. Sometimes if you can’t meet those deadlines, you’ll have to face the penalty. I’m sure it would have been way less severe if she missed a deadline than plagiarizing. Seeing as it’s her first time doing this, I feel that the 3 month suspension is a proper penalty. I really like how you compared it to the athletic world.

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