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Writing Status: Improved

I’m kind of proud to say that I’ve seen my writing improve a lot from when I first started. Usually, I forget that people can’t read my mind and I’ll try to explain something, but then not give all the details. Now it seems that I rarely do that; so that’s one improvement. Another improvement, I’d say, is not trying to make my rough draft perfect. That’s how I started writing my papers this year; but then I made my rough drafts a tool for getting my thoughts down, and from that I’ve seen my final drafts improve. It’s clear, though, that my writing skills still has some need of improvement.

My biggest area of writing that I still struggle in are citing sources and small writing errors: punctuation, spelling, grammar, tense changes, etc.. It’s those small little things that get me every time. Instead at looking for the smaller errors, as such, I look for the larger ones such as organization, clear points, or transitions. But even though I make such errors, I still enjoy writing more than I used to; I also thought that some of the assignments were actually kind of fun.

My favorite, and second most difficult, essay was the research paper. I was extremely grateful when I was told I could choose my topic. I decided my topic would be my favorite genre of books: Navy SEAL’s. Sounds weird for a female college student, huh? I had already read four autobiographies by Navy SEAL’s and a bit of their experience. It was a bit tricky to narrow my topic. Originally, it was going to be based on their training, but as I was writing, I noticed I focused more on who they were and how becoming a SEAL affected their lives. I struggled to make my paper less than eight pages long because there was so much I had read about them that I wanted to say, but I had fun writing it. You’re probably wondering “if this essay was her second most difficult essay, what was the first one?” The answer: the argumentative essay.

I struggle with argumentative essays more than any other essay. I find searching for arguments, supporting both sides of an argument, difficult. This is how mind works when it comes to argumentative essays: choose an arguable topic, find at most three main arguments from both sides, give each side valid sources who argue their point, and make sure my side sounds more convincing. Sounds nice, right? Well, I have the worst time trying to find a topic that can be argued either way, and then providing the best sources that support both sides. I think I work harder than I need to. I guess that’s another struggle I need to deal with in writing.

Overall, my writing isn’t perfect, but I’ve improved and I enjoy it more than I did in my earlier years. Sometimes I’ll narrate my own actions in my head to see to try and improve me first person writing. Or I’ll try narrating someone else in third person and find how I can make it sound interesting or easy to understand. I have to say, again, I’m proud that I’m doing better in my writing, and I hope that I can maybe even try to publish my very own book.


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