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From the section “From’s 10 Wackiest Resume Blunders” number 1. “Candidate included letter from his mother.” I find this funny because the number one rule in my high school writing class for writing resumes was to not have my mother as a reference. Whenever I heard my teacher said that I think, “who would be dumb enough to do that?” and “do they really think that sounds professional?” I worked a sandwich shop over the summer and I didn’t they’d even hire a kid to make sandwiches with my mother as a reference.


Number 2 “Hope to hear from you, shorty.” I can’t decide if it which would be funnier: if the hiring manager was really short, or really tall! Either way, this goes to prove that the smallest spelling error cold cost someone a job! (Unless the manager has a really good sense of humor.)


Fourth line -”It’s best for employers that I not work with people.” This specific phrase was apparently written by a doctor. Everyone knows that doctors work with people, except him apparently. Applying for a position as a doctor and not wanting to work with people is like working at a zoo and not wanting anything to do with animals!


Funny Cover Letter #1: Elementary School and Internet Accomplishments”

He writes how good he was in 3rd grade rather than experience with kids or teaching education. Nice to know that you were an amazing 3rd grader, can you tell me something impressive? Like how you just knew you weren’t going to get the job?


I find the “different fonts” for no reason the funniest just because I would like to know what someone was thinking when doing that. My sister likes the cursive font, but let’s face it: cursive is a lost art of writing. Anyone who tries different fonts will only be showing off how board they were when they wrote the essay.



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By using Google, are we depriving our minds from thinking for themselves? I would almost say “yes”.  I say “almost” because when I was in middle school when I started using Google. It made research for my literature papers fairly easy.  So, I will admit that Google has helped me before to find information I needed for school work, however, the more I used Google the more I turned to my computer for information that could have been inaccurate.

I didn’t notice until high school the differences between .com, .gov, and .org, until my writing teacher pointed it out for one of our assignments. I was writing a report on the Battle of the Bulge and, when I wasn’t paying attention to the ending of the website, I came gathered information that I later realized was false. The false information was where the battle had earned it’s name. The information I gained from an inaccurate webpage said the name was derived from the route the Germans took to the English Channel. When the correct derivation (which I learned from my World War Two fanatic father) was from the act of the 101st Airborne. The 101st Airborne changed its route and aided their fellow Americans at the English Channel. I don’t remember the website I got the information from, but it obviously was false. But this only goes to prove that anyone can post whatever they want on the internet, and it as sure as heck can be false.

Granted it’s not Google’s fault for giving me an inaccurate webpage, but because Google brings up anything that has the typed keywords, it’s easy just to take what’s right in front of you rather than thoroughly examining the webpages’ accuracy. In a sense, Google can make us gullible.



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Alien Description of Chapel

Unlike some Christian colleges, such as Corban University, it is mandatory for George Fox students to attend chapel. “Chapel” is a sacred ritual for the followers of the religion known as “Christianity”. The Earth students of George Fox University enter a holy building known as Bauman Auditorium. As they walk through the open gates to enter the sacred ground, they all gather around a tiny mechanism with a flat surface that contains the individuals identification. Thus addressing their authorities they have entered the holy ground. Once the students have made their presence known, they pursue a seating that suites their desire. The more attentive and holy of the individuals proceed to the seating nearest to the anterior part of the sanctuary, where as those who are not as holy and find no seriousness to their own ritual seat themselves at the interior end of the sanctuary and ignore their surroundings by staring at glowing devices in their hands. Who knows what those mysterious devices are capable of containing to keep them from participating in their ritual.

The ritual begins with saints praising their God vocally and with musical instruments at the anterior part of the sanctuary, raised above everyone else. The beings below them proceed to praise with them, but their voices are not amplified as greatly as the saints who posses the ability to sing louder due to a small echoing device. After the saints have satisfied their God with their praised to Him, a prophet is called upon for their God to through to them. The words of the prophet seems to astonish them greatly because they cannot stand on their legs when they listen. They all proceed to sit on cushioning underneath them because the leaders of this “chapel” seem to understand it is not possible to listen to God’s message and be able to stand. After God has spoken through the prophet, the prophet seems to fall asleep and mumble something and causes everyone else in the auditorium to do the same as he or she does. When the prophet awakes, their God leaves his or her body and the saints with instruments begin to lead everyone with praise again, to thank their God for His words of wisdom. Once the ceremony is completed, the individuals rise from their seating’s and proceed once again to the small mechanism and address, again, their identification to the mechanism, allowing their leaders to know that they have lived through the ceremony. The leaders then acknowledge the students survival in the holy grounds and reward them by giving credit to their education.

The Christian ritual of chapel exercised at George Fox University seems to have great importance to their leaders that they require the students attend so many times. Obviously, not all the students are who participate in the ritual desire to hear the message from their God, and yet find a way to avoid His message with small glowing devices. But it is for certain that those who listen to their God attain His wisdom. “Chapel” is a strange ritual, yet it is worth experimenting to attain more information on it.  


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Gang Change

The main theme I saw in this book was the life changing events in gang members due to Gregory Boyle and Homeboy Industries. Some of the stories were really funny, but a lot of them were sad and emotional. Gregory emphasized  greatly on how serious the life of a gang member was and the changed in gangsters lives.

In many cases, former gang members who wanted to start their lives over and work at Homeboy Industries had to work with people who were rivals with their own gangs. For me it would be like working with a Taliban terrorist who was responsible for the deaths of many Americans. That is easier said than done, but it did happen and, eventually, it did work. However, the new bond between former gang rivals did not seem to last long. Many of the former gang members who started their lives over were killed by gang members. It never ended. There were always gangs, always funerals, and always hatred that never seemed to end, no matter how much Homeboy Industries.

What was even more sad were the kids who grew up with parents in gangs, and thus the bad parent influence on the kids. I remember one child, who was about 7 when he did this, held a gun to his father and threatened him at if he ever abused his mother again he’d kill him. I was happy that the kid was willing to take a stand for his mother, but the option of putting a bullet through his fathers head was beyond sad. That was actually the most common reason for people joining gangs; parental influence. The kids reflected whatever their parents did, so the former gang members who had had that childhood wanted to give their kids a better one; one with a mom and dad who loved each other and taught their kids moral values so that when they grew up they won’t have anything to do with gangs.

It was incredible to walk through Gregory’s experiences with gang members who wanted to start their lives over, but even though the number of gangs seem to grow, the number of funerals seem infinite, and hate will never end Homeboy Industries saved a lot of lives that would not have been saved without them.



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#3 The more I know, the more guilty I am

I remember growing up in a Christian home, going to a Christian school, and attending a Christian church. Some people think that by doing all this would rank me, as a Christian, high in the “holy” chart. However, the more I learned about the Biblical principles, God’s truth, and almost everything about every book in the Bible, the more guilty of a sinner I was. I, above all Christians, a, the worst and most guilty sinner there ever was.

When I was growing up, I would repeat what I had learned in school at church. It was easy for me to remember verses better and answer all the questions because of my education than it was for any of the other kids. Even though I felt great about it, I choose to ignore the lesson where I learned to not boast. Noticed I didn’t say “I forgot the lesson”, but “choose” because I knew what I was doing and had no intention of stopping to myself.

Same thing with middle school. I knew all the answers and would argue with some of the girls in my church small group about “political topics”, and I was able to do it with Scripture, proving my point. Unfortunately, I choose to argue rather than talk like I had learned in school. But before high school, during my eighth grade church camp, I began to notice my arrogance.

 I was so stupid. Stupid not to see that I was privileged to grow up in the home I had. A girl in my cabin told me how her dad and brother would mock her whenever she want to church. My heart sank from her story. I was told at home, at school, and, of course, at church, that many Christians were persecuted, wither it be physically or mentally, when practiced their faith. I had Scripture written on my heart, and not only did I not take everything literally, but I did not talk about God’s word when I should have. I was so blessed and so spoiled, but so selfish.

Of all Christians, I am without excuse of my sins. I saw my sin, heck I could quote Scripture that was directly related to my sin, but choose to ignore it out of selfishness. I memorized over a thousand verses out of the Christian Bible for the past 13 years of my life and because of that I am the guiltiest of the guilty in the court of God.



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God’s Work in Death and Navy SEALS

I have had a lot happen in my life that I would consider to have had an impact on me. Such as going to a Christian school for 13 years, growing up in a Christian home, and meeting a different people who lived a different than I did who made me realize how blessed I was. But looking back in all the events that I can vaguely remember, there was one event I will never forget that had a lot to do with why I chose nursing as my major and why I want to serve in the military.

It happened back in elementary school when I was in fifth grade. A classmate named Chase, whom I’ve known since kindergarten, got in a car accident the day before. His mother died instantly on impact and his little brother was just scratched. But as for my friend, that’s where the story begins. I had just finished my guitar lesson and was walking back to my classroom to finish a get well card that my whole class was working on. I didn’t notice it at the time, but the halls were very, very silent. Even though classes were in session there was always at least a few whispers, but not that day. I opened up my classroom door to find everyone, including my teachers, crying. That one thing I prayed to God that I did not want to hear was said no less then a second later. “Chase just died.” When she said that it felt like claws dug into my heart and tore something out. To this day, even though the pain was stitched up, I can still feel the scare from when my friend went to be with the Lord.

A week after that had happened I lay awake in my bed asking God why He allowed the passing of my friend. I knew what was done He would not undo, so I promised from day on to help people in any way possible. I first wanted to be a trauma surgeon, but after listening to other peoples experiences in hospitals, the ones who sounded like they helped the most were the nurses. According to my mother after she gave birth to my older brother and sister, she was about ready to rip her doctors head off had it not been for the kind nurses who were by her side. But even after choosing a helpful career, I still thought there was more that I could do. I read a certain book that I guess you could say also had an effect on me as well because it made me want to serve in the military’; “No Easy Day” by Mark Owen. One of the Navy SEALs that was on the mission that killed Osama bin Laden.

I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was with the terrorists or how threatened America was until I read that book. Mark Owen –as he calls himself–  became a SEAL because he wanted to protect the people he cared about. Not only was he protecting them, but even those who thought ill of the military. It’s because of the selflessness of soldiers that there aren’t terrorists taking over America. I was closer to God since the death of my friend and wanted to serve everyone I could, and seeing how Mark Own and his fellow soldiers served their country only made me want to as well. I haven’t joined any branch just yet because I want to get my education first. But wither I join or not, wither I’m still a nursing student or even a pre-nursing student, I can still serve.

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Military conversion

I greatly support our troops who fight for maintaining America’s freedom from those –mainly terrorists– who seek to destroy it. In fact, I would one day be honored to fight for America, the country God has blessed me with. I should probably just cut to the chase already. Last year during a high school all-nighter at my church I was talking to my churches youth pastor whom I will call Luke. I’m not entirely sure how the subject came about, but I mentioned a quote I read on facebook that said “God’s the judge of the terrorists actions; the Marines just make the appointment”. He told me he didn’t believe that because God commands us to love our enemies. As much as I agreed with loving my enemies, it is a fool’s choice to lay down their weapon when the enemy has no intention of showing mercy or surrender.

At first I wanted to rant to him how in John 15:13 it is written “[n]o one has greater love than this, that someone would lay down his life for his friends”, and that it is because of the sacrifice of the many brave men and women who have fought that we are able to live the lives that we have today. But I knew ranting at him wouldn’t change his mind. So instead I listened to why he believed soldiers fighting were wrong and war was evil. It was pretty hard, seeing as I grew up in a Christian school and home, listening to him without interrupting because I found so many ways to contradict his reasons with Scripture.  However, the more I listened, the easier it became to not want to burst out in anger. He’s a great guy who has a heart for the Lord and I’m glad he’s at my church. I’m really glad God gave me the patience to just sit down and just talk with him without me getting ecstatic. I know I can’t change his views, but I really do hope I can show him the love, courage, and sacrifice our troops go through to protect our nation just as Jesus did to protect us.

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