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God’s Work in Death and Navy SEALS

I have had a lot happen in my life that I would consider to have had an impact on me. Such as going to a Christian school for 13 years, growing up in a Christian home, and meeting a different people who lived a different than I did who made me realize how blessed I was. But looking back in all the events that I can vaguely remember, there was one event I will never forget that had a lot to do with why I chose nursing as my major and why I want to serve in the military.

It happened back in elementary school when I was in fifth grade. A classmate named Chase, whom I’ve known since kindergarten, got in a car accident the day before. His mother died instantly on impact and his little brother was just scratched. But as for my friend, that’s where the story begins. I had just finished my guitar lesson and was walking back to my classroom to finish a get well card that my whole class was working on. I didn’t notice it at the time, but the halls were very, very silent. Even though classes were in session there was always at least a few whispers, but not that day. I opened up my classroom door to find everyone, including my teachers, crying. That one thing I prayed to God that I did not want to hear was said no less then a second later. “Chase just died.” When she said that it felt like claws dug into my heart and tore something out. To this day, even though the pain was stitched up, I can still feel the scare from when my friend went to be with the Lord.

A week after that had happened I lay awake in my bed asking God why He allowed the passing of my friend. I knew what was done He would not undo, so I promised from day on to help people in any way possible. I first wanted to be a trauma surgeon, but after listening to other peoples experiences in hospitals, the ones who sounded like they helped the most were the nurses. According to my mother after she gave birth to my older brother and sister, she was about ready to rip her doctors head off had it not been for the kind nurses who were by her side. But even after choosing a helpful career, I still thought there was more that I could do. I read a certain book that I guess you could say also had an effect on me as well because it made me want to serve in the military’; “No Easy Day” by Mark Owen. One of the Navy SEALs that was on the mission that killed Osama bin Laden.

I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was with the terrorists or how threatened America was until I read that book. Mark Owen –as he calls himself–  became a SEAL because he wanted to protect the people he cared about. Not only was he protecting them, but even those who thought ill of the military. It’s because of the selflessness of soldiers that there aren’t terrorists taking over America. I was closer to God since the death of my friend and wanted to serve everyone I could, and seeing how Mark Own and his fellow soldiers served their country only made me want to as well. I haven’t joined any branch just yet because I want to get my education first. But wither I join or not, wither I’m still a nursing student or even a pre-nursing student, I can still serve.


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