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“I am Sam, Sam I am.”

“The Boy Behind the Mask” was most definitely a tragic, yet happy story. I couldn’t believe what Hallman said about the child’s face was true, until I saw the pictures. As I kept reading about his life’s story, how he was like that ever since he was born, and the ridicule he received from strangers, the harder it was for me to stop reading. The story pulled me in. I wanted to hear about his life, what he had face, and to see if there was anything he, or anyone, could do to help him. It makes sense that this story won a Pulitzer Prize, due to the fact it was easy to follow, organized, and made me want to keep reading.

I was mostly interested to hear about his life and how others treated him. Unfortunately, it was as I expected: stares from strangers, ridicules from classmates, and even thought as handicapped. His family, on the other hand, was a blessing. They saw Sam as their own and not as some freak. They supported him in everything he did, even when he decided to have surgery on his face that could cost him his life. I greatly enjoyed reading about the love his family had for him.

The boring parts, to me, were what happened in some of the doctors lives that didn’t seem to apply to the story, and some parts of the surgery that I either didn’t understand, or extended the story long than I needed to be. It was horrifying to read about all the blood that Sam had lost during the operation, how many bags of blood were needed to keep him alive, and all the towels, dripping in blood due to Sam’s tremendous bleeding. But because I’m not a doctor, I skimmed through some of the parts that were directed to a doctors point of view. I didn’t understand it very well, so I saw no point in reading it.

As to what became of “The Boy Behind The Mask”, I couldn’t find any information on Bing of what has become of him, but the conclusion of the story told that he made it through his intensive surgery and attended his high school with a somewhat renewed face.




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